Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Keep a checklist, if your partner does any of the following you may be at risk for abuse.


Does your partner...

  • Speak badly about other women or men in their life?
  • Have a bad temper?
  • Constantly find fault in you or others?
  • Always have to win?  Is overly competitive with your time and attention?
  • Refuse to discuss their feelings and then blow up when you push the subject?
  • Disapprove of how you spend your money or how you dress?
  • Understand the difference between affection and sex?
  • Drive fast or do other things to scare you?
  • Accuse you of lying?
  • Demand to know where you are at all times?
  • Constantly become jealous or angry when you want to spend time with family or friends?
  • Make fun of other people and enjoy humour that embarrasses others including you?
  • Find it hard to say sorry?
  • Does not take no for an answer?
  • Threaten to harm you or themselves if you leave the relationship?
  • Twist the truth to make you feel like you are to blame for their actions?
  • Use the phrase "If you really loved me you would..."?
  • Call you offensive or derogatory names?
  • Humiliate you in front of other people?
  • Threaten you with physical violence, abandonment, or harm to others you love?
  • Express excessive jealousy over friends and family, especially friends of the opposite sex?
  • Isolate you from friends, family or your local community?
  • Threaten to 'out' you as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or whore or slut?
  • Become violent, paranoid or controlling while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Show violence towards other people or animals?