Signs of High Risk

Danger may be greater if the abuser...

  • Has access to the victim's children
  • Has access to weapons
  • Has a history of abuse with others
  • Has threatened to harm or kill if the victim leaves them
  • Threatens to harm the children, pets or property
  • Has threatened to kill themselves
  • Has hit or choked victim
  • Is going through major life changes (e.g. job, separation, depression)
  • Is convinced their partner is seeing someone else.
  • Blames partner for ruining their life
  • Doesn’t seek support
  • Watches partner's actions, listens to telephone conversations, sees emails and follows
  • Has trouble keeping a job
  • Takes drugs or drinks every day
  • Has no respect for authority


Danger may be greater if the victim...

  • Has just separated or is planning to leave
  • Fears for their life and for children’s safety or the victim cannot see the risk
  • Is in a custody battle, or has children from a previous relationship
  • Is involved in another relationship
  • Has unexplained injuries
  • Has no access to a phone
  • Faces other obstacles (e.g. does not speak English, is not yet a legal resident of Canada, lives in a remote area)
  • Has no friends or family