This section provides access to local resources in York Region.  You can find local support agencies including, but not limited to, health services, shelter information, counselling and support services and legal services.

For a view or get a copy of your local resources, please click the link below:


Immigration Status:

Your immigration status in Canada will not automatically be affected by police intervention.   If you have any questions concerning your status, Please call the Canadian Immigration Office Inquires Line at 1-888-242-2100 or get independent legal advice from a lawyer specializing in Immigration Law.




Mapping of resources closest to your location can be found on the York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee (YRVACC) website.


Domestic Violence Brochure - ENGLISH

Domestic Violence Brochure - FRENCH

Domestic Violence Brochure - CHINESE

Domestic Violence Brochure - ITALIAN

Domestic Violence Brochure - TAMIL

Domestic Violence Brochure - RUSSIAN