What to Expect at a Shelter

Shelters are often large homes converted for group living.  There are common areas shared by all residents such as the kitchen, living room, children’s play room, and laundry.  You will have a private bedroom for you and your family and a dresser or closet for your personal belongings. Most shelters have a playground, off street parking and laundry facilities.

Staying at a shelter can be a very positive experience.  You will have a chance to meet and share your experiences with others.  You can learn more about resources such as housing assistance, addiction services and parenting support. There are toys, games, and books for children. Food is provided and you are required to make your own meals. Other items can also be provided if you leave home and do not have the resources to buy these items (toiletries, clothing, and diapers).

Most shelters also have outreach support counselling for individuals, children and in group settings.

Shelters are confidential, wheelchair accessible and free.