What to Take With You

Set aside the following items so that you can collect them quickly if it becomes necessary. You might even be able to leave them with a friend.  You may want to include your children's favourite toys or clothes, jewellery, medications or prescriptions, address book, change of clothes, items of special sentimental value, or pictures. It can also be helpful to have a list of personal items you will retrieve at a later time. Try to keep your wallet or purse handy, containing all the cards you normally use. Take a photocopy of key documents and store them in a safe place away from the originals.


Important items to have when you are ready to leave

  • Driver's License
  • Health Cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Necessary Prescribed Medications
  • Medical Supplies
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Court Orders
  • Custody Documentation and Access Information
  • Pictures or Other Evidence of the Abuse
  • Any Evidence or Documentation of Past Abuse (Threatening Notes, Tapes of Threatening Telephone Messages, Photographs, Police Reports, Medical Records, etc.)
  • ATM / Debit Cards / Credit Cards